Friday, May 20, 2011

Jaime's New Chairs

In the (almost) 5 years that I've been an owner of Fancy Tiger Crafts I have done all sorts of things with the wonderful crafts supplies we have here, but I have never used our fabrics for an upholstery project.

We recently got a new couch which of course, turned into painting our whole house. When we painted our living room a soft gold, our pale 1970's Italian provincial chairs just faded into the walls so we decided it was time to re-do them. My friend Brandy chose the color and I was instantly in love with the bright corally-orange. She painted the chairs using a semi-gloss paint so they are super bright and shiny. I took the paint sample to work and it didn't take long to chose one of my favorite Melody Miller prints from her Ruby Star Rising collection for the cushions.

 I was worried about the white background print getting dirty on the piping so I chose a pink Echino print for the piping and sides that clashes wonderfully with the coral chairs. A family friend has an upholstery studio in Nebraska and she did an amazing job re-doing the cushions for me.

The result is an eye-catching centerpiece for the room. I love them! I am super excited about re-upholstering these chairs every 6 months or so just to keep up with all the amazing fabrics we have!

Looper loves them too!


Unknown said...

I LOVE these - they're gorgeous and inspiring :-)

Jeanne Lois said...

I'm going to steal these from your house =)