Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Staff Holiday Gift Picks: Dan & Jess

Welcome to part two of our staff holiday gift picks. Today Dan and Jess are sharing their favorite things!

I'm Dan, and I am fortunate enough to have the best job on Earth! I am an avid knitter, beginner spinner, a scene-ster seam-ster, and a creative collaborator. I am always looking for ways to perfect my skills, share my knowledge, and empower others to make and do things on their own!

Colette Negroni Pattern $16
Mustard Plaid Cotton Flannel $10

Finally! A men's shirt pattern by Colette! I have been waiting for the right shirt pattern to come along that has a modern fit and appearance, I will be making more than a few of these! What could be more perfect for cold weather than a fashionable new shirt made out of our new Windham cotton flannel? This flannel is the right color, and is extremely soft.

Addi Click Knitting Needle Set $168

Being the avid knitter that I am, the Addi Turbo Click set would completely cease my need to buy new needles when I start new projects that require sizes that I don't already have. There is so much versatility with the Addi Turbo Click set any passionate knitter would be most thankful to receive this for a holiday gift. This is the ULTIMATE gift to give the knitters in your life!

Knitter's Almanac Commemorative Edition $24.95

The Knitter's Almanac is my current favorite book in our store. It's a classic, and is written whimsically by Elizabeth Zimmermann. There is endearing narrative amongst simple and fun-to-make patterns. This is an almanac, with appropriate patterns for each month of the year. The book covers such a wide variety of patterns from socks, to mittens, hats, shawls, sweaters, baby accessories, holiday ornaments, and even a few sweater patterns. This book is an essential in a knitter's library.

Hi! Its me, Jess! Yay!! There are so many AMAZING things that come through Fancy Tiger, it was so hard to choose just a few! But at least you know they are way great, 'cause here they are!
Tula Pink Parisville Jelly Roll $24

I just recently made my first quilt, and I made it out of a jelly roll, I love them! The new Tula Pink collection, Parisville, is perfect for a new throw. I want to snuggle up under this by the fire. If you haven't seen this collection yet- a woman has hair shaped like A SHIP... whoa, awesome.

Little Birds $15.95

HOW CUTE?!?! I want Little Birds so I can make a frenzy of forest friends! Especially the peacock...

Heritage Sock Yarn $14
Whimsical Little Knits $20

We just picked up the Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn, and it is so dreamy! I have been eyeing the Ishbel pattern by Ysolda Teague, but I decided the whole book is necessary! Just look at how talented she is in making those patterns perfect. Can't wait to get started! (hint hint)
Thanks Dan and Jess! Join us tomorrow for Cat and Emily's picks of the season!

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maventheavenger aka jamie said...

I want to visit your shop so badly! It looks inspirational!

I was at my LYS, and they just got in the addi lace turbo click set-and it's in a chocolate brown case...it's so beautiful!