Friday, December 17, 2010

Liberty Möbius Scarf Bonanza!

You may have noticed the folks of Fancy Tiger Crafts sporting some hot möbius scarves in our last few posts. As a holiday gift to our fabulous employees, Jaime and I whipped up these super-soft and silky accessories in Liberty of London lawns and Anna Maria Horner voiles.

We were inspired by Anna Maria's Figure 8 Scarf tutorial, but our version is a little lighter, smaller and simpler to make. Each scarf takes just 1/4 yard each of two 54" fabrics. Here's what we did:
  1. Trim the edges of your two fabrics straight, making sure they are the same size.
  2. Put the two fabrics right sides together and sew down both long sides, making a tube.
  3. Press seams to one side and turn your scarf right side out, then press flat.
  4. Turn raw edges under 1/2" on one open end of scarf and press. The raw edges should be inside of the opening and the folded edge should be pressed so the front and back line up nicely.
  5. Bring the other edge of the scarf around, twisting it a half turn so the opposite prints are next to each other, and insert it into the turned under opening.
  6. Pin and topstitch the ends together.

Sweet, it's done! And look how happy these lovely folks look in their scarves.

Happy Holidays!


Allison said...

So cool! Love all the prints!

Anonymous said...

wheres mine!? just kidding. good work ladies! Xo, -Z

Nicole Hess said...

I've made 4 of these this week already- thanks for posting this tutorial!

beth said...

way after the fact, but i've used this tutorial many times and passed it on - it's so much easier than others out there... thank you. (

Donna Altman said...

Thanks for sharing the tutorials. The scarves are so lovely and they are perfect for holidays. Knitting scarf is the best project for holidays especially during long winter night.

Anonymous said...

Just made one...I think I would like it to be a little narrower. 1/4 of a yard or 9 inches width right? Also I was 2 inches short on my fabric which I realized that equaled 4 inches so it is just a tad bit snug! Will make another one maybe not so wide and go for the 54 inches lol!