Thursday, October 28, 2010

Emily's Lacy Catheti Shawl

As you can see, we are totally into little shawls these days. The size and shape are perfect for keeping your neck and open collar warm, and they can use much less yarn than a long scarf. They can be simple or insanely intricate, and there are so many great patterns for beginners or more advanced knitters.

This little shawl is based on the 45-45-90 triangle. This is a very special triangle in Euclidean geometry... but maybe we'll just say it's really pretty. I have knitted it twice so far, and am already trying to pick out my next colors. The pattern is a simple one that I made up, and doesn't require much attention or stitch markers. For this one, I used three colors of Cascade Alpaca Lace and 5mm/US8 needles, and it knits up pretty fast for laceweight. The edging was really fun too!

The name Catheti refers to the two legs of a right triangle. In this version, I added a lacy edging. This has become one of my most reached for knitted pieces, and I can't wait to knit it again!

The Cascade Alpaca Lace yarn I used is a new yarn from Cascade. I love it! It is so soft and warm and comes in 21 beautiful melange colors! Each colorway is made up of a few hues blended together, resulting in a rich and jewel-like color. So beautiful.

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Karen said...

Emily, I love everything about this scarf! Gorgeous. :) Do you have a favorite pattern that would help us knit something similar? Maybe with the lace edging?
Thanks for sharing!