Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Craftastic Halloween Project: Woolly Monster Felts

Get ready for spooky Halloween fun with these felt monster heads! Here's how:

wool roving in lots of colors
felting needles

Futte Futte felt ball maker

Start by making a felt ball. We like to make a bunch of them before the decorating fun begins by using the Japanese Futte Futte wet felt ball maker. You can also make felt balls by rolling the wool roving between your palms with some warm soapy water, or by needle felting them. You can make them uniform in color or mix a couple of colors together for a crazy monster. If the balls are mis-shapen or have weird wool dreads hanging off of them, that's okay - imperfections just make scarier monsters.

Once you have made lots of wool balls the fun can begin. At this point you may want to invite your friends over for a monster making party. Use your felting needle to add tiny bits of contrasting wool for your monster's eyes, mouth, hair, fangs and/or drool. Just place the wool on your monster head and poke it in about a 1/4" to 1/2" deep holding the needle at a 90 degree angle to your monster ball. You can roll the roving up into a fuzz ball between your fingers first to bring it together and make it easier to felt. Use the needle to poke and shape your fuzz ball into an open mouth, wacky eye, or tiny tooth.

Pin a monster to your lapel, make one for your most ghoulish friend, or put several on sticks and start a monster puppet theater! Wool monster-making is fun for kids and adults alike on a dark, spooky evening.

Happy felting!


Anonymous said...

Ha you guys are the best! Ghoulish friends unite with felted monsters! yayyy

Unknown said...

love them. Where can I get a futifuti?