Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Exciting New Books!

We have been eagerly anticipating Joel Dewberry's new book, Sewn Spaces. We love his fabric collections--they are always inspiring with their botanical, geometric modern prints. Stylish sewing, applique, embroidery, fabric stenciling and even glass etching are represented in this awesome book! Projects range from bed pillowcases that are easy enough for beginner seamsters to more advanced projects like upholstery. Joel also included a pajama pattern so you'll look stylish lounging around on all your fancy new sewn home decor!

Ori Ami Knits is a celebration of Habu Textiles yarns. The knitting patterns make use of some of Habu's interesting and textural yarns, such as silk wrapped stainless steel, paper yarns, silk tweeds, wool/stainless steel and more.

A new book for handspinners, Get Spun, is a great all around guide for spinning unique art yarns. It is super informative, covering everything from knowing your tools--spinning wheel, drum carder, etc--to what to spin--sure, wool and mohair will be cool, but how about adding plastic bags and hex nuts--to dyeing and plying and more!

In the Loop: Knitting Now
examines contemporary knitting--as art, activism and narrative. If you want knitting to blow your mind this is the book for you. Included are knitted full bodysuits, deep fried sweaters, knitted human hair and razor wire knitted cozies. Weird and awesome.

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