Saturday, June 26, 2010

Daybreak Outbreak!

As you know, we all have been a little daybreak crazy over here at Fancy Tiger Crafts. Here is some of the awesomeness that we have been creating! All of these daybreaks were made using the fabulous pattern by Stephen West and various sock yarns.

Zach was the first daybreaker that started this whole thing when he made his Daybreak-of-Love.

Danielle made us all jealous with her gorgeous combination of creamy Malabrigo sock yarn mixed with Noro sock yarn - pretty!

Amber is really into rainbows and it shows in her daybreak made with a rainbow Zauberball and citrus-y green alpaca sock yarn.

Emily used the luscious and vibrant blue Wagtail mohair yarn mixed with a neutral Zauberball. We love the crochet loop bind off she used!

Sophia really impressed us by mixing two Zauberballs! She used a rainbow-striping and a neutral-striping Zauberball for unpredictable non-stop striping action.

Jaime used the naturally dyed sock yarn from Pico Accuardi that is dyed with her favorite Stumptown coffee. She mixed this delicious yarn (it really does smell like coffee) with a neutral Zauberball for the perfect latte-inspired daybreak.

Jess is the only non-Zauberball-using daybreaker and made hers with two colors of Malabrigo sock yarn in Turner and Light of Love. It is oh-so-soft!

Krista, that's not a Daybreak! But it is another amazing pattern we have here by Stephen West called the Little Colonnade. This little shawl-let uses only one yarn color and is done here in the "Neon Bible" colorway of Pico Acccuardi yarn.

We all love our shawls! They are fast and fun summer knitting projects and the perfect thing to bring along on a cool summer evening!


LoveisaForgetMeNot said...

I love the rainbowy one Amber made!! I may just have to make it.

Grace said...

I love Amber's awesome scrappy dress!

erin said...

OOh lovely! I'd love to see a blog post about how to wear your shawlette. I made one recently from a free pattern on ravelry and love, love, love it, but am having trouble getting it to look as nice on me as it does on the coat rack. Show me where I'm going wrong!

Fancy Tiger Crafts said...

We love wearing our shawlettes backwards. Place the center of it on the middle of your neck and then wrap the ends around either side of you. This will show off all of your stripes or lace work the best!

FancyAmber said...

Thanks Melissa! Knitting the daybreak was so fun that I've started a second one.

And thanks Grace! I made my dress from an old Denise Schmidt County Fair print--Patchwork Promenade. I just love those faux patchwork prints! The pattern is Sabrina from