Friday, May 28, 2010

Better Know A Crafter: Saffron

One of our most darling crafty customers, Saffron, and her mom, Shannon, came to visit us recently. Saffron was proudly wearing her five year birthday dress, which also happens to be, she says, one of her top five dresses. She told us all about how she chooses fabrics, what her other top dresses are and honored us with singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" in its entirety. She is pretty amazing! Her birthday dress is made from a Portabellopixie sewing pattern with brown Echino fabric and a cute Japanese Wizard of Oz print. How perfect paired with her little ruby slippers!


Tell us about yourself and the crafts you like to do.
I like sewing and painting. Sometimes I go to the Nature and Science Museum and the Denver Botanic Gardens to draw.

Tell us about the dress you are wearing.
My mom sewed this for me for my 5th birthday. I picked out the patterns and fabrics. My mom got some great tips and help with sewing this at Sewing Help Night at Fancy Tiger Crafts.

How did you learn to be so crafty?
I just started sewing and sewed a pink bunny. I really want to learn to sew more. I'm going to learn more at craft camp at Fancy Tiger this summer!

What is your favorite animal?
Dogs--especially pugs and chihuahuas.

Thanks Saffron and Shannon! Happy sewing to both of you cuties!

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Alicya Tebo Photography said...

My favorite fabric! She is too cute.