Thursday, April 30, 2009

Norwood Fiber Farm Trip (Pt 1): Buckhorn Gardens

Jaime and I just got back from a whirlwind tour of Norwood, Colorado fiber farms. We had so much fun getting nuzzled by soft goat lips, hugging baby animals, getting cuddled by sweet horses, munching on organic turnips and getting our relaxation on in hot mineral springs and vapor caves. So much fun that it is going to take several posts to share all the fun.

But before I tell you about the fiber farms, first let's start with our visit to Buckhorn Gardens, an organic farm outside of Montrose, Colorado. It was totally amaaazing!

My mom, Suzan, is a part of their CSA and enjoys farm fresh eggs and tasty vegetables grown in their greenhouse. She took us on a tour of the geo-dome greenhouse. We had to taste test a few things, like tiny nasturtuim leaves that taste like pepper, sweet turnips hiding under greens, and some kind of purple leafy green that tastes like wasabi.

We fell completely in love with the greenhouse dome and wish we could build one in our neighborhood. Does anyone in Baker have an empty lot?

We also visited the chickens while we were there. What cuties! They were friendly little chickies and Jaime even cuddled one while we checked out their colorful eggs. Mom picked up a dozen for us to taste test later and we left some money in the jar for the farmers.

After our farm visit we took a trip to Weisbaden Hot Springs in Ouray to relax in the vapor caves and natural hot mineral springs. When you go into the cave there is this little waterfall room which leads to a little old wooden door in the rock. Through the door is the steamy vapor room with a hot springs pool. OMG. I've never been so relaxed. We were too relaxed to snap any photos--I'm not sure we could have in that super steamy environment--but the cave was unbelievable.

Ok, my next post will have furry animals, I promise.

Norwood Fiber Farm Trip (Part 2) Cute Angora Goats
Norwood Fiber Farm Trip (Part 3) Shetland Lambs and Alpaca


castlenines said...

aaaaaa! so so jealous! sounds like tons of fun!

Jamie Hollier said...

Next time you head out West you should stop by Paonia, CO, where I live. We have some amazing farms for fiber and vegetables, great vineyards/wineries, cool ranches. This place is the ultimate in farm to table.

cdt said...

There has to be a lot owner who scraped off a house for speculation purposes, who won't be developing that property any time soon.

Perhaps contacting some commercial realtors, to see if an owner would donate that lot to a community group for the tax writeoff?