Friday, April 24, 2009

Craftastic Weekend Project: Fancy Felt Flower Pin

Here is a super cute, quick project perfect for felt scraps. A fancy felt flower pin! Make one for your best friend and she'll love you forever. Make one for your worst enemy and you'll have a new best friend!

Wool felt in three colors
Felting needle
Foam safety cube or needle felting brush


1) Cut five cute hearts out of your petal felt. They should be about 1" high. Cut out a few green slivers about 1-1/2" long for leaves and a 1/2" circle for the flower's center.
2) Overlap all the hearts' points and needle felt them together where they overlap. Be gentle with your pokes so you don't bend or snap your needle.


3) Place the leaves on the back of your flower and poke with the needle to join.
4) Needlefelt the circle onto the front center of your flower.
5) You can hot glue or sew your flower to a pin back or barrette, or carefully straight pin it onto your lapel like the olden-days!


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