Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Quilt Market Report (Part II): Is the quilt world ready for Jay McCarroll?

You may know Jay McCarroll - he is the winner of the first season of Project Runway and has been taking the fashion world (and Bravo TV) by storm ever since. He debuted his new collection of quilting cottons for Westminster fibers at the Quilt Market. We are totally excited about his fabrics (which will be here in March), but I'm not sure the quilt world is ready for him. Our Westminster rep referred to him as "er, Jay Smith?" when showing us the line, and when Jay won an award for best new booth, he was announced as "Jay Caroline". Hopefully everyone will learn his name because his fabrics are super adorable. Jay was super friendly and we can't wait to get his fabrics in!

This is a picture of Jay's inspiration for his collection, which is titled "Woodland Wonders". We love it. One bunny lost his ear in transport. Sad bunny.

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Dallas Shaw said...

looove this