Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Longest Crocheted Scarf and A Visit from Frau Fiber!

Jaime and Amber were at the Denver Art Museum's monthly Untitled event friday night teaching museum goers some crochet skills as we crocheted the longest crocheted scarf in the world. Our scarf is currently at 115 ft! Museum photos by Christina Jackson.

Thanks, crocheters!

Today Frau Fiber held a free workshop in the store and taught shoppers about alterations and making patterns from existing garments. Super fun!

Frau Fiber's students left Fancy Tiger looking super cute.


Jill Manning said...

What an adorable smock top. Is there a specific pattern that she used? I love it!!!! I am from Denver and visit occasionally and can't wait for my next visit to come see your shop, it looks divine!

Sommer said...

The black and white gingham smock is adorable. What pattern was used?