Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fabric Giveaway! New Night Shade Fabrics from Tula Pink!

Just last week you heard me gush about our love of Tula Pink and her eclectic style. She has really out-done herself with her newest fabric collection for Free-Spirit, Night Shade. Usually we talk about how fabrics are "so cute" and "adorbz", but Night Shade demands words like spooky, dark, witchy and goth. We LOVE it! There are 5 different prints titled, "Coven," "Storm Clouds," "Raven Lace," "Apothecary," and "Spider Blossom" in three colorways "Evening Shade," "Absinthe," and "Vapor." We're sure that Night Shade will add some magic to your sewing projects and perhaps just a hint of darkness.

We are so excited to see what you all make with this collection, we are offering a giveaway of a set of 5 fat quarters including every print in the colorway of your choice! To enter the giveaway just leave a comment on this blog post by Friday May 25th at 5pm, telling us the perfect Night Shade project for you.

Be sure to include in your comment:
  • Your email address (important!)
  • Describe a project you would like to make from Tula's Night Shade fabrics
  • Your choice of colorway (Absinthe-Green, Vapor-Blue, Evening Shade-Purple)

Winners will be chosen at random and announced on May 26th by 5pm. So mote it be.


Unknown said...

I would like to make a quilt for my brand new baby Olivia in evening shade. Olivia loves things that are purple and spooky. Ahfisher10@hotmail.com

Alisha said...
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Alisha said...

I'm five months away from undertaking my first major quilt/duvet for my daughter. So far the fabric I've collected is a mix of fabric from my earliest sewing years and I'm planning on cutting up my daughter's Dwell Studio crib sheets when she transitions into her first bed in a few months and so I have these to combine to make a quilted duvet for her, but I think incorporating this modern fabric into the quilted duvet will be a perfect fit for my daughter's whimsical room.

I love the Evening Shade-Purple!


Ask Aunt Wendi said...

What adorable fabrics!
Email: AskAuntWendi@gmail.com
Project Idea: Is it wrong that I want to make a baby quilt out of these?
Color Choice: Absinthe Green (because I love the idea of an Absinthe colored baby quilt)

Love me some Fancy Tiger! keep rockin' it!

Melly said...

Email: mycreepycritters@gmail.com
Project: I really want to make some lovely purses!
Color way: vapor blue. Blue is my favorite color and I just so happen to collect blue purses. ;)

Anonymous said...

i've already bought a few of these in the blue...so absinthe-green it would be...just to mix it up.

I’m always hording fabrics for a quilt…and these would be so fun.
e-mail: dalouwa@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Oh oh! I want to make some paper-pieced hexagons outta that. In vapor blue!

jodie dot gilbert at gmail

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I would really love to try to make a purse with the Vapor Blue set! Maybe with a fancy closure, something whimsical but still classy :) kiyomigohollo@yahoo.com

wendolina said...

What a fabo collection!

My e-mail: wendolinashop@gmail.com
My project: a rag quilt!
My shade preference: oh, how to choose just one?! Evening Shade-Purple calls out to me most

Love Fancy Tiger!

Leilani said...

My 14 year old daughter's summer project is to re-do her room. I think these would make awesome accent fabrics for things like pillows and bulletin board, etc. I think that she would pick the Vapor Blue colors.

Anonymous said...

I would like to make a large tote bag for my girlfriend, she would take her lunch to work in it. I would like to win the green colorway!

James Gardner

Nicky said...

Love these!

Email: nickyalden@hotmail.com
Project Idea: PJ bottoms!
Color Choice: Evening Shade Purple please

Anonymous said...

I think I'd make a scrappy little apron top with these in Absinthe green.

Email: rchavez0827 (at) yahoo (dot) com

StarSpry said...

What a great fabric collection!! I would love to make some project bags out of the Vapor-Blue colorway.

Alyssa said...

I am thinking this would make some awesome pillows and window treatments for the guest room! I can't decide which color though, maybe blue?

The Chapman's said...

Ooohh, I love anything Victorian first and I visit your store every time I get the chance. So even if I don't win, I may just have to purchase some of this!

I have been wanting to make a quilt for me as I have made some for friends and my girls, so I think I would want the Absinthe - Green collection. I would have to buy some purple to go with it though. Those are my 2 favorite colors!

Thanks for this giveaway!

Brindy Ayn said...

Oh my goodness this fabric line is so fabulous. I would have to choose the purple hues and I am thinking a wonderful little quilt or patchwork dress. Marvelous.


Jenelle said...

I would love to make a quilt! The vapor blue palette is just lovely. Thanks for the chance to win. :)
echinops.aster [at] gmail [dot] com

Anonymous said...

I would make a table runner from the Vapor Blue fabrics. Thanks for the lovely giveaway chance.

Mary Kathryn

Patchwork Architect said...

I'm thinking the opposite of little girls and going for menswear. I would make a vest and bowtie for my husbad.

I like the vapor blue palette for this.

Jaime David

anne wolf said...


What great fun! The vapor-blue looks like a patchwork bag for my 17 yr old!

Anonymous said...

These are begging to be throw pillows for my teenage neighbor, and my never-grew-up pushing 30 pal back in California. Ooh They could also be a really cute half-apron, if I decide to be selfish :) Clearly, I would have to go for the lovely evening shade. thanks, Fancy Tiger!

Kelsey Hopson

Kari said...

I would make either a witchy apron or throw pillows with the evening shade purples.

Karen604 said...

I see a Dresden Plate on black background for this one in Vapor Blue.

Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

E-mail: sara@sewsweetness(dot)com
I am asking for suggestions on Twitter about what quilt pattern...something large scale. I am also using a couple pieces of yardage right now for a bag!
Color choice: Any is fine, in the small chance I win, I'd buy up the other 2 colorways so I can make a full quilt!

Erin said...

Ooh, these are fabulous! We're currently creating a master bedroom in our basement (so the kiddos can have two bedrooms upstairs). I think hubs and I need some throw pillows in the blue colorway....no the purple...no the blue..... Okay, the blue for real.

Erin (at) LovelandFeedAndGrain.org

amy said...

I would make a quilt just for me in Vapor Blue!

Anie, kale said...

a lap quilt in vapor blue
i'm practicing machine quilting on a smaller project before i finish the big one.

Leslie K said...

I've already used the Tula "Raven Lace" in blue to make layered skirt using Amy Butler's Barcelona Skirts pattern. Would love to have a complementary Tula fabric to make a top to wear with it!

Debbie said...

I would love to make a small quilt in honor of my late husband. He had pancreatic cancer and the color for that cancer is purple. So I would pick the Evening Shade purple. thanks so much!

Amanda said...

The Absinthe green would be perfect for my very first quilt. I've been wanting to try one and I love the idea that from a distance it could look all benign on the couch. And then your guest gets all cozy with it and sees the true darkness. Ha. Amanda aberka AT gmail DOT com

annie fisher said...

Any of the night shade fabrics would be perfect for the vampire I am making!

Karena Lindell said...

I just can't resist quilting these days! And these fabrics are fabulous!

I would love evening shade purple!


Public Transitor said...

I love the absinthe green and it would make a perfect dress that I've been waiting to make until I find the perfect fabric!

Blue said...

I love the vapor colorway! I'd like to make a cute clutch since I'd have leftovers, a pencil pouch or one of those cute macaroon pouches!

Merrie M Ford said...

I would like to use it to try one of the Transparancy look quilts...not full size- but I think a wall hanging would be great. For the background fabric, I would love to try pairing these with a grey linen - YUM!

Anonymous said...

I would use the Evening Shade-Purple for a much needed wall hanging to cover the window that looks into the bathroom from the den(which was clearly not part of the original floor-plan!). Oooh and maybe a lampshade or two!

Fancy Tiger Crafts said...

Congratulations to James Gardner! We will be contacting you for shipping details for your fat quarter set of Absinthe Tula Pink Night Shade fabrics! Thanks everyone who commented and all your wonderful ideas!

happygrape said...

a wallet!
purple, i think. i'm not sure....