Thursday, May 10, 2012

Amber's Jasmine

I've been eyeing this dainty little floral print from Japan for a bit. I finally decided it wanted to be a blouse and I knew it would be Collette's Jasmine.

This classy little top is cut on the bias, which means no pesky buttonholes or zippers to put in! It also makes it such an easy top to wear--with a flattering fit that accentuates your lady-like shape without being too fitted.

I chose a solid voile for the collar and this light weight fabric is perfect for the sweet tie at the collar.

I love it!


Jeanne Lois said...

I love it too!! nice work lady

futurenakano said...

Lovely! I think I am going to attempt my Jasmine pattern after seeing this! You inspired me to even purchase the Violet pattern after seeing how AMAZING your version was!


Rae said...

SO sweet Amber!! Love it. :)