Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cricket Looms are here from Schacht!

Welcome Weaving!! We are so excited to be carrying the Cricket Loom from local manufacturer Schacht.

The Cricket Loom is a great addition to any fiber enthusiast's tool box. It is large enough to make 15" wide fabrics and is a great introduction to the world of weaving. This kit comes with everything you need to begin your first project, including two skeins of yarn and instructions for set up. The Cricket Loom is a rigid heddle loom which is one of the simplest weaving tools to learn on.

The size of the loom makes it easy to store, so why not learn another craft? It is portable, light and oh-so-fun! We have one set up in the shop so everyone is welcome to stop by and check it out. Weave a few rows and see how easy and addictive weaving is!

Dan got a Cricket a few weeks ago and has already woven several projects. We love these hemp houndstooth washcloths! Dan is willing to give anyone who buys a Cricket a 1 hour set up session to get started on their loom.

Look forward to weaving classes this fall with Liz Gipson - we can't wait!

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A L I C I A said...

Hi! I've been looking for one of thissss!! How much is the cricket?? And do you ship??