Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A New Year and New Echino!

As you may know, we just moved into our brand new store and that means we have a ton of new fabric and yarn. There are so many new collections out, you should probably stop by asap! We are most excited about the new Echino collection of which we have every bolt available! Etsuko Furuya, the woman behind the Echino design is my favorite fabric designer and this collection does not disappoint.

The colors are the same bright colors we have all come to know and love with lots of fuchsia, yellow, black and aqua all on the 55% linen/45% cotton blend that is great and sturdy for bags, skirts, and even quilts! There are border prints of flower fields, a cheater cloth patchwork print, and cockatiel dots. Etsuko has added some new animals to her repertoire and this time we get to see zebras, okapi, and leopards.

Rejoice! Stay tuned to see and hear more about our brand new store!

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