Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tosh Light, We Are Enamored With You.

Let me just preface the following by saying that Madelinetosh's Tosh Merino Light is one photogenic yarn. Apologies for the image-heavy post, but I couldn't stop myself from documenting this yarn in detail and trying to capture all it's glowing-hued-glory.

Since unpacking it a few days ago, all of us at Fancy Tiger Crafts have been finding excuses to hold skeins and ponder projects of Tosh Light. If you come in to the shop we may drag you over to it on the yarn wall and show you our own favorite colors. I'm just warning you that we might gush about how pretty Tomato looks with Celadon, or how Antler and Edison Bulb are a perfect pair.

Scroll down to see brand new Madelinetosh patterns at the end of this post!


Fragrant | Corsage

Mulled Wine | Scarlet | Tomato

Chamomile | Edison Bulb | Maple Leaf


Moss | Jade

Celadon | Well Water | Cousteau


Logwood | Flashdance

Dusk | Fawn | Antler

Antique Lace | Badlands


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Andrea Dixon said...

Want. Need. Must have. Beautiful photos!