Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sewing Summit Report: Amy, Christina & Sadie Visit Salt Lake

Fancy Tigresses: Sadie, Amy & Christina


What an amazing weekend at the Sewing Summit in Salt Lake! Imagine a 3 day slumber party with 200 of your favorite crafty, bloggy friends, sewing, knitting and gabbing 24/7...nothing short of euphoric. Us Fancy Tiger gals were out in full force, sewing and schmoozing it up with our favorite bloggers, authors, and designers. So many fabulous classes on everything from photography and publishing, to improv quilting and couture specialty seaming...

Amy with Amanda Jennings & Elena Roscoe of Breakfast for Dinner

One of my favorites was "Marvelous Minis" taught by the endlessly fun and whacky Amanda Jennings (aka HeyPorkchop!) of Ms McPorkchop Quilts and The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. I was reluctant to sign up for this class at first because I didn't really "get" mini quilts. Like, what's the point? Wrong. Turns out they ROCK!!!

Adorable Mini-Quilts by Amanda Jennings
Mini quilts are a super fun way to get a quilting project done lickety split fast (think less than an hour), and they pack major punch - highlighting your absolute favorite fabrics and telling a story. Think wall art, snack mats, mug rugs, notebook covers, bags, pouches, trivets...just little bursts of happy scattered about your home. I was so inspired by Amanda's stunning collection (and enthusiasm!), that I whipped out a little improved mini of my own after class, and it's currently hanging on the wall behind my sewing machine, making me smile every time I sit down.

Amy's Mini-Quilt

Stitch up a modern little mini of your own in next month's Modern Tonal Quilt Class here at Fancy Tiger!  

On October 6th, Christina Patzman and I boarded a plane headed for Salt Lake City and the first annual Sewing Summit. I was looking forward to getting away for a mini vacation, seeing Salt Lake City for the first time, and mingling with like-minded bloggers and sewing enthusiasts. The Sewing Summit was so much more!

The Sewing Summit creators Amy Eillis and Erin Singleton

First up was a bus tour of three fabric stores. Christina and I missed the bus because we were standing in line for a much-needed Starbucks. Lucky for us, some sweet crafty locals were willing to drive us to the first stop. We caught up to the party bus, full of fabric-crazed ladies ready to shop until they dropped. Let me say one word: swag. Each store had prizes and giveaways galore. I needed an extra carry-on for all the Sewing Summit swag and giveaways we received. I think I was most excited about the thread!

Saturday was a day full of classes and seminars. I was completely star struck when I got to meet Gretchen ("Gertie") from Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing and Sunni from A Fashionable Stitch.

Sadie and Sunni

Gertie led some amazing garment sewing classes like Garment Fabrics from Angora to Zibeline, Essential Hand Stitches for Garment Making, Tailoring by Hand 101 and Getting a Perfect Vintage Fit. One of my favorite classes was Photographing Your Creations that was led by Vanessa Christensen of V & Co. There was also a class about blogging and a panel discussion with published crafty authors Gretchen "Gertie" Hirsh, Bari J. and others.

I left Salt Lake and the summit feeling inspired and motivated to create, blog, and teach even more!

Christina & Sadie stitched up these cute coinpurses at the Sewing Summit.

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