Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cat's Tunisian Baby Blanket

Hello, Gentle Readers. This is Cat. Recently, I was commissioned to make a baby blanket for a friend. I have become completely obsessed with Tunisian Crochet, so a sampler blanket was an easy choice. Blue Sky Alpaca's Worsted 100% Organic Cotton Yarn is always my go-to for baby blankets. It's so soft and squishy! Perfect for baby's skin. I chose Dandelion, Wasabi, Thistle and Stone for the squares and Drift for the sashing (done with standard crochet).

Personalizing hand-made items always makes it extra special for the receiver. I like to embroider initials or crochet them right into the blanket. This simple embroidery stitch makes a big impact.

Tunisian Crochet (also known as Afghan Stitch, German Work, Russian Work, Shepard's Stitch and Railway Knitting) is so simple, fast and fun. It creates a thick, dense fabric that is perfect for blankets (Afghans!), scarves and sweaters. There are dozens and dozens of stitches, but you can easily make beautiful items (like this sampler blanket) by using combinations of just three simple stitches!

If you are interested in learning this wonderful craft look for classes on Fancy Tiger's upcoming Winter class schedule!

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Anonymous said...

How utterly beautiful. Thanks for sharing.