Friday, July 18, 2014

Caitlin's Handmade Engagement Photo Dress!


When my fiancé and I scheduled our engagement photos a while back, I dragged my feet a little on what to wear (and make), but finally decided on the Sureau dress by Deer and Doe.  I have always loved Deer & Doe's aesthetic and I am slowly working my way through the dress patterns. Eleanor's designs are so classic and flattering, and make me feel girly without feeling costume-y.

Pattern:  Deer & Doe's Robe Sureau
Fabric: Blue polka dotted Lecien lawn
Size Made: 46
Alterations:  I made the waist a bit bigger and added a few cm to the skirt.  I also shortened the sleeves.

I didn't make a muslin, and decided to dive right in with alterations (no, I would not recommend this but I was on a time crunch!).  I was really concerned the waist would be too snug, so I simply "let out" the darts on both the front and back bodice a little bit.  They were in the exact same place, with the same bust point, but were just a bit skinnier than the pattern suggests.  I've never done this kind of alteration before, but it totally worked! I added a few cm to the front and back skirt as well. In the end, it was actually a bit loose in the waist for my liking, but it's not too noticeable with a belt. 

Our lovely photos were taken by Danielle of DeFiore Photography.  She was amazing and totally embraced the crafty theme!  Check back in a few months to see what I make for the big day!

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life ldc said...

Lovely dress, fabulous photos.....Congratulations!