Monday, March 31, 2014

Meet the Designer: Cal Patch!

Cal Patch is coming to town! 

Cal is one of our favorite garment sewists and teachers. She is the author of Design-It-Yourself Clothes, and we are thrilled to be hosting her for a class here in just a few weeks!

Cal is devoted to the handmade movement, and has been since she was a young girl. With her extensive knowledge in teaching, designing and creating she has mastered all things textile. She will be in town for the Makerie and is making a very special trip to Fancy Tiger Crafts to teach her Folk Dress. Sign up for both her workshops at the Makerie and at Fancy Tiger Crafts to receive a combined discount of $50! Call us to reserve your spot. In the meantime, lets meet Cal.

1) How did you get started in the crafting industry? What is your background?
I actually came to the craft world by way of the fashion industry. I've been a clothing designer for nearly 25 years, and the first decade of my adult life was spent working in that world in NYC. But the higher I advanced in my career, the less I got to be creative and actually MAKE things, so I escaped and opened my own boutique, which is where I first started teaching crochet and sewing.

2) You have a wide range of projects from crocheting to sewing - do you have a  favorite type of project to design? Or, what are you most excited about making right now?
Crochet and sewing are like my two babies, and I couldn't possibly ever choose between them. My favorite thing is to combine them, like with my crochet-yoked smock dresses. At the moment I'm super excited about my new 4-week online workshop on pattern drafting and sewing your own wardrobe, which happens to be debuting this week on Creativebug! I love showing people that it's really very do-able to draft and sew with their own patterns.

3) What influences you creatively? What is your creative process for coming up with new ideas? What inspires you?
I'm very practical, so I tend to just be inspired by daily life. I don't get excited when I see fancy red-carpet gowns or elaborate couture ensembles; I'm more likely to be daydreaming up dresses with big pockets that i can use for gathering eggs from the coop, or picking peas in the garden. Usually I design things to fill a niche that I see, or a void in my own wardrobe. I also am very inspired by materials, and try to find ones made with organic fibers, locally sourced or made by independent artisans.

4) What is your favorite mythological animal? 
If I could invent my own *spirit animal*, it'd be a cross between a tortoise (I'm very s-l-o-w) and a kangaroo (I like the idea of a built-in pouch).

5) If you could have any super power, what would it be?
That's easy: to make time stand still, except for in my house, so I can catch up!

If you aren't able to make her class here at Fancy Tiger, check out her 4 week long workshop over at Creative bug on pattern drafting!

Thanks Cal, we can't wait to create with you!

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