Friday, December 13, 2013

Holy Cowl! Jaime's Oshima Sweater

I recently finished my first sweater using Brooklyn Tweed Loft yarn. It was amazing. There are so many wonderful patterns from Brooklyn Tweed, it was a tough choice, but I love a good cowl neck and the Oshmia sweater pattern by Jared Flood has the biggest cowl yet. Perfect. I choose the beautiful ochre color Hayloft which may look familiar from Amber's last post!

Oshima calls for Loft held double which makes for a chunky yarn and was knit mostly on a size 10.5 needle. The top of the sweater is a brioche pattern which means an extra-squishy fabric with beautiful texture. Oshima is knit bottom up - the shoulders and sleeves are seamed for a great fit.

Jared Flood writes very thoughtful patterns and every detail is accounted for. Various needle sizes help make the cuffs turn up perfectly and make the cowl flare out just so. The cuffs are tacked down so they always stay in place. A garter stitch edge on the sleeves and body mean the seaming is easy to work and assures it will look fantastic. The shaping of the shoulders and arms in the brioche stitch pattern makes for a beautiful effect on the back which I really appreciate.

Loft is a lovely yarn to work with - it holds up to its name and is super soft. Since this sweater was knit with the yarn held double it took 9 skeins and means it is extra cozy to wear. My gauge was just a bit off so I did some calculations and knit the smallest size 34" for a finished size of 35". The pattern is meant to be worn with positive ease, so this gave me a bit of positive ease without being overwhelming on my small frame.

I love this sweater - it is the perfect cozy sweater to wear on snowy days or trips to the mountains!

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