Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Better Know a Crafter: Sunne Meyer

Many of you probably know Sunne - she is a local master-knitter-extraordinaire and runs our weekly Knit Help Nights, as well as teaches tons of classes. We calculated that she has single-handedly taught over 500 people to knit here at Fancy Tiger Crafts. She always thoroughly inspires us with her prolific output of knitwear. Sunne is one of our resident designers, the creator of the Quandary Peak Mittens pattern and also makes the most adorable stitch markers that we sell here at the shop - she is so crafty!

Sunne has recently started sewing, and it turns out she is just as prolific with her sewing needle! Now there is no end to the amount of amazing handmade items in her wardrobe.  We recently asked her to come in for an epic photo shoot of *some* of her items--she limited herself to things she has made in the last 18 months, and things that are made out of Fancy Tiger products. Here she is....we hope you find her as inspiring as we do!

Sunne Meyer

Tell us about your crafty self.
In my real life, I am the Vice President of Personal Growth at The Gathering Place, a daytime drop in shelter for women, their children and transgendered individuals. I came to TGP through knitting, starting the knitting program there about 8 years ago and two years later moved onto the staff in programs. I live in and love the Baker neighborhood and our old Victorian house where I live with an amazingly supportive husband (who is okay with me knitting and sewing all the time) and our chocolate lab, Roscoe. 

Sunne in her Sharktooth Shawl, Nuance Tee and a hand embroidered skull skirt
I used to own denim stores in Denver, and always loved fashion. I am at the point where now I can choose to knit from a pattern or design what I want, knowing about how it will turn out. The best part of making my own clothing is that all of it is unique - no one has the skull skirt to match mine or the exact same sweater, even if it did come from a pattern. And sometimes, I trade with other Tigresses, a great way to get those things that I cannot make... My own DIY life couture, that has the added benefit of giving time to think, slow down and appreciate.

These are some of Sunne's knit things

r1 - Aspen mitten of Sunne's design, Rock Island, Odinn v.1, Fornicating Deer chart adapted
r2 - Fiddlehead adapted, Hat of Sunne's design, Zumthor, Cynthia
r3 - Quandary Peak of Sunne's design, Eldora of Sunne's design, floral mitts, Sunne's Eldora v2
r4 - Juneberry, Sunne's Quandary Peak, Colorwork Cowl of Sunne's design, Sunne's Aspen Mitten
r5 - Fornicating Deer chart adapted, Colorado hat, Fddlehead adapted, Summer Flies
r6 - Sunne's Colorwork Cowl, Hay, Vitamin D, Sherilyn
r7 - Tea leaves, Sunne's Aspen Mitten, Arroway, Sunne's Eldora
r8 - Snowy Day Cowl, Daybreak, Birches Mitts, Rock Island

Sunne in a Sherilyn shawl and handstitched Alabama Chanin style dress

Just a few of Sunne's sewn garments

r1 - Wiksten dress, modified Alabama Chanin scarf, Wiksten Tank
r2 - Jersey Scarf, Nuance Tee, Alabama Chanin Craftsy Coat
r3 - Wiksten Tank, Alabama Chanin short skirt, Alabama Chanin 6 Gore Dress
r4 - Sweet Dress Book A, Wiksten Tank, Wiksten Tank
r5 - shirt, Alabama Chanin Short Skirt, dress
r6 - Wiksten dress, Schoolhouse Tunic, Sweet Dress Book A
r7 - Alabama Chanin long skirt, Stylish Dress Book G, Alabama Chanin Short Skirt

Sunne handcrafted from head to toe, including a ruffled beaded jersey slip that she mixes and matches with her other maxi skirts

What is your favorite part about teaching?
I have taught at Fancy Tiger for about five years. Just being in the shop is inspiring - there are so many ways each yarn or fabric can become something treasured. I love being able to help people make beautiful things. Knitting is so simple, it's hard. Every time I work with someone and they learn something new or see something that they didn't understand before, its a great thing. My favorite is when students come to class or I see them wearing things that they have made. 

Sunne in her Meanad shawl, Freya Lopi Cardigan and handstitched jersey dress.

For me, its less about perfection and more about being proud enough of what you have made, to wear it or give it as a gift. There is something about creating that changes the way you look at things in a positive way.

Sunne in a cashmere Rock Island, Schoolhouse Tunic with embroidery, and jersey maxi skirt

When and how did you learn your crafts?
I used to go stay with my grandparents during some summers for a week or two alone. My grandmother taught me to knit and we did embroidery together. She taught me how to knit one dish cloth pattern and told me when I mastered it (knit, purl, yarn overs, decreases), she would teach me other things. We never got to the other things, but she is still knitting those dish clothes for all of her friends. She also made us lots of knit mittens, hats and sweaters growing up. She loves that I teach knitting and is always looking through my projects when I visit.

Sunne in her Meadowsweet Shawl and a Nani Iro Schoolhouse Tunic

I did lots of other crafty stuff growing up - usually things that were very detailed and took tons of time. I was a quiet child and loved spending time creating things. There was a paper doll house, with 10 rooms, and two dolls that were about 1" tall, with complete wardrobes and accessories, furniture (all laminated with contact paper). There was also a little crochet, potato stamps, painting barrettes, a little machine sewing, painting ceramics and lots of hand sewn felt dolls. It was a very crafty house to grow up in for me.

What is your favorite animal?
Unicorn, mythical things are so full of possibilities.

Thanks Sunne! You are one amazing crafter!


Anonymous said...

Oh, goodness! Like I don't feel inadequate enough seeing her crafty goodness one item (or 2 or 3) at a time at work… Look at it all! Sunne is truly amazing, a great teacher, and maker of my favorite stitch markers...

Anonymous said...

Sunne is the Lady of Prolifica! I am super jealous of her duds every time I see her in around town. She taught me how to knit in the round, and how to knit socks! Yayyyy, Sunne! ~<3 alsn

Sewing Geek said...

Sunne is one amazing woman! Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

Wish I looked so put together. Makes me want to plan better. It is nice to see how different crafts can compliment each other.

Aurii Pigmentum said...

Hii thanks for sharing this