Monday, May 20, 2013

New Brussels Washer Yarn Dyed Fabric

We are already sewing up a storm with these hot new fabrics. Beautiful, drapey, flowy Brussels Washer Yarn Dyed fabrics from Robert Kaufman are here. These fabrics are a 55% Linen, 45% Rayon blend which makes for extra dreamy summery goodness. The muted colors are made from using an un-dyed yarn for the weft and a dyed yarn for the warp. We stock all 8 colors of this 52" wide lusciousness for your sewing pleasure. The best part of this fabric? It is so affordable at only $10 a yard!

These fabrics would be great for dresses, skirts, napkins, or pillows. I am excited to make a Staple Dress out of this fabric in the olive-y green color.

We couldn't resist making up some fat quarter bundles so don't be shy about incorporating these beauties into your quilt projects or use it as a ready-to-go napkin set!

Happy Sewing!


Laurel said...

Does this blend wrinkle as readily as pure linen does? I love the look of linen, but not the insta-wrinkle!

Unknown said...


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karentempler said...

I'm looking for something a little more interesting (but not too much more interesting) than plain shirting cotton. It's to make the top on page 38 of Stylish Dress Book, which you posted about the other day. Possibly minus the added sleeve/ruffle. Do you think this fabric would be good for that? If so, I'll order a couple of different colors from you! (Assuming you'll ship it to CA.) Let me know —

Fancy Tiger Crafts said...

Laurel - it does wrinkle but not quite as much as a pure linen thanks to the rayon.

Karen - yes! That would look amazing! Please bring it in for us to see if you sew it up!

Morgan said...

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Tuckerjackk said...

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