Friday, June 01, 2012

Wiksten Tank-a-thon 2012

Amber and I recently had a sewing Tank-a-thon! The tank pattern from Wiksten is a totally hot and easy pattern to sew! This tank is just two pieces plus some bias binding strips and a pocket. After you make a couple you'll be whipping these up in less than 2 hours a piece! Perfect for all these amazing fabrics and cute summer outfits. 90 degree days, here we come!

Here are the results of our Tank-a-thon 2012:

Tank 1 - Jaime: I made the first tank out of Liberty. That's right. First time making this and I just jumped right in. I've been in love with this dark floral print from the moment it arrived and knew I wanted a top out of it. Results: A+

Tank 2 - Amber: I've been dreaming of making a simple top out of this Japanese linen sheeting. I love this tank and want to wear it every day! As soon as this easy-peasy sewing project was finished I knew I needed to make tanks-a-plenty for summer...and so I cut three more of my favorite fabrics and got to stitching! Results: A+

Tank 3 - Amber: The very next day as soon as I got home I whipped up this light breezy tank from our organic voile in Smoke with a contrasting pocket in a teeny-tiny pinstripe organic voile. Perfect for steamy days and summer bike rides. Fantastic! Results: A

Tank 4 - Jaime: I made my second tank out of a soft vintage-y floral from Cabbages and Roses newest collection for Moda. I just got these striped jeans from Fancy Tiger Clothing and needed a colorful top to go with them. I'm always obsessed with these Cabbages and Roses print so this was my chance to finally use one. Results: A

Tank 5 - Amber: For my third tank, I figured I deserved a little treat--a treat in the form of a yard and a half of Liberty fabric! This Liberty print has been calling my name and I couldn't resist it anymore! Oh Liberty, you make me feel like a princess. Results: A+

Tank 6: Amber: Ok, I admit I'm going a little overboard with these tanks, but they are just so quick and gratifying to make! I mean, I've made 4 in a week now!'ll most likely see me wearing a Wiksten Tank every day this summer, but that's not too awkward right? 'Cause I love my new summer wardrobe! Tank #4 is made with an amazing Japanese rose print in the deepest teal. A little prairie/goth and a little oh-so-ladylike. Results: A

Tank 7: Surprise! Jess was already sucked into our tank-a-thon before she left for L.A. so it was easy to bring her in on our tank sewing frenzy when she visited us for a day. She made the tank dress out of a beautiful organic cotton yarn-dyed plaid. Total win! Results: A+

Overall Tank-a-thon 2012 score: A+!


Unknown said...

So Cute!

johanna said...

begs the FT going to offer a class on it? pretty please?

kyra said...

do you stock these patterns at FT? because now i wanna make one TODAY!

Fancy Tiger Crafts said...
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Fancy Tiger Crafts said...

Hi Kyra,

Unfortunately Wiksten isn't set up for wholesale yet, so we don't have the patterns available for sale here. You can, however, purchase either a PDF copy or order one of Wiksten's gorgeous glassine-wrapped hard-copy patterns. Here's a handy link:

phamilton_gordon said...

hello! wiksten offers wholesale now! i started stocking her patterns at nido a couple of months ago. just thought you should know...


Krista S. said...

Really want to make one of these out of some linen I have, and I saw that you used a yard and a half? Did you have to do anything different with the bias strips? Love all your tanks!!!

Monica--Adirondack Inspired said...

I know this is an old post, but I couldn't not comment....LOVE THEM ALL!!