Friday, April 22, 2011

Better Know A Crafter: Eddie Corcoran

Eddie is a recent convert to the world of quilting and has quite taken off with it. He just finished his first quilt and it looks amazing! You might recognize Eddie from such modeling stints as the Daybreak photo from my fall knitting bonanza. He is my favorite guy in the world and also happens to be my husband. I'm a lucky lady.

Eddie Corcoran

1)What inspired you to make your first quilt?
My sister had her first baby and I wanted to make something special for my new niece. This was my first project after Sewing 101 so I was really nervous.

2)How did you choose your fabrics and pattern?
Well, I wanted to do something fun but slightly more mature than a conventional baby quilt style. I got the pattern idea from a quilt made by one of the lovely Fancy Tiger ladies, Jessica. It was strips of random scrap fabric sewn together but I wanted something with a more specific color scheme.

3)How did you learn your amazing sewing skills?
I took Sewing 101 at Fancy Tiger with Christina and loved it. Starting from scratch I learned how to fully operate a sewing machine and how to use it for specific sewing projects.

4)What is your favorite thing about sewing or quilting?
The progress is so much quicker than when I knit. Plus, I can just wrap my head around what has to happen so much easier.

5)What do you think your next project will be?
The perfect man bag that has all the features I've ever wanted. A place for a travel mug, phone, pens, keys...

6)What is your favorite animal?
Egon, he's a cat.

Thanks Eddie! Happy quilting!


Anonymous said...

I get to see the quilt in person and it was a spectacular maiden voyage. Thanks Uncle Eddie!

Angelique said...

Woot! Awesome job, Eddie!

Unknown said...

Beautiful quilt!! I love the middle panel with the lovely ladies and the tea party set.

Jeanne Lois said...

EGON! he would love this quilt! Nice work Eddie! xo