Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pearl & Jack: A Sock Monkey Love Tale

We'd like to share a heartwarming story with you, a tale of crafts and a tale of love. And of sock monkeys.

Pearl & Jack

Once upon a snowy day in February, Pearl the sock monkey sat inside wishing she had a woolen hat to keep her head warm. Being a crafty monkey, she set out to knit up a warm cabled hat. She chose the perfect shade of mulberry merino yarn to bring out the pink in her cheeks and a flattering cabled beret pattern--Gretel by Ysolda Teague.

Pearl is quite the avid knitter and was finished in time to enjoy the fresh snow fall.

She donned her perfect little Gretel, smiled, and set out to enjoy her favorite snowy day pastime, snow angel-making!

Suddenly around the corner came a handsome fellow. Jack the sock monkey also enjoyed a snowy day and became immediately smitten when he saw Pearl making angels in the snow.

Pearl blushed at being caught playing in the snow by herself. "Your rosy cheeks give you away. You need a hot drink to warm you after a day in the snow," said Jack.

She joined him and together they walked to the local coffee house, Metropolis, where Jack ordered a latte for two from the barista.

It was a perfect afternoon and by the end of the day two sock monkeys were in love.

The End

A special thanks to:
Miguel at Metropolis for the mini-latte for two
Angelique for knitting a mini Gretel
Betsy for making Pearl the pink sock monkey
Zach for making Jack the sock monkey


Anonymous said...

That was a lovely tale and bookworthy!!! Great photos and imagination. Loved it!!!

Rita S.

Anonymous said...

It must be the weather, because I have been cajoled into designing a matching beanie for my daughter's favorite stuffed bunny, Lulu. Glad to know I am not the only one knitting for inanimate objects this week.

the binghams. said...

Holy crap this is the best.

Kelli said...

Cute story, lovely photos, and some excellent workmanship!

Annette said...

Oh my goodness!!! This is ADORABLE!

Stephanie Friday said...

Wow, totally cute and, hello, someone's got a lot of time on their hands! LOL

Betsy Mortinsen said...

What a beautiful story, with some beautiful knits. Thanks for the smile.

Allison said...

This is adorable! Thanks for thinking of it.

Unknown said...

Just lovely!! Thank you for sharing Pearl and Jack's heart-warming story :)

Unknown said...

OMG so cute!! I'd love to see more like this but with your needlefelting pets!! Great job, gals.

Jill said...

wow. Honestly that might have been the cutest thing I've ever seen. E-vah!

Anonymous said...

Precious, just precious!