Thursday, January 06, 2011

Better Know A Crafter: Allison Boehm Lehman

We love the Castle Peeps fabrics by Lizzie House, and were in awe when Allison came in with a quilt she made from it. I love the stripes of medieval folk parading across her quilt!

Allison Boehm Lehman

1) Tell us about yourself. What makes you want to craft?
I'm an administrative assistant at a doctor's office. I have always loved arts and crafts, so I do it for fun. I like to make handmade gifts and cards. I do a lot of sewing.

2) Tell us about your quilt.
It's a baby quilt for my new little niece. I used fabrics from Lizzie House's Castle Peeps collection (which inspired the project) and Moda's Woodland. I made up the pattern.

3) How did you learn to quilt?
My mom taught me to sew--she has a degree in costume design and is a master of sewing clothes! (I sew blankets because they are easier...shh!) I took a quilting class this summer at my church, First Mennonite.

4) What is your favorite animal?
It's a tie between penguins and elephants.

Thanks Allison! Happy quilting!

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Sarah Dees said...

Allison, That's awesome, mine never turn out that great!