Thursday, November 18, 2010

Better Know A Crafter: Krystal Thomas

We are totally inspired by this amazing jacket that Krystal is sporting! The Amy Butler home dec dots she used are such a happy, bright way to update a classic-style coat. Krystal is always stitching up the most amazing things...

Krystal Thomas

1) Tell us about what you do.
I am a corporate soldier looking for something of substance to feed my soul. There is nothing more rewarding than finding a fabric that knocks your socks off and then creating something sensational.

2) Tell us about making this amazing-ness that you're wearing.
I made this wonderful coat from a McCall's pattern. I had been sitting on the fabric for a while just waiting for the right project. As fall came into sight I thought the colors would be the perfect way to keep lightness and color in my wardrobe.

3) How did you learn to sew?
I sewed in high school and then went astray from crafting. In 2006 I needed an outlet. It has been a great way to further bond with my mother who has sewn off and on. I continue to look for new techniques to help add finish and polish to my items.

4) What is your favorite animal?
Gorillas and giraffes.

Thanks Krystal! Happy sewing!


Anonymous said...

I love Krystal's coat!!! It's so happy and snappy at the same time. Looks like it fits her personality to a T. I wish I could sew that well.


Karen said...

Krystal, you are SO talented! Love the coat. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh Miss Krystal is always in the shop thinking of new ideas and rocking out some crazy cute-diggs! love it!