Thursday, September 02, 2010

A Tale of Two Quilts

Amber and I both finished another quilt! We each made queen sized quilts for our beds, but the similarities end there. Here is our tale of two quilts...

My quilt is made up of the cotton voile fabrics by Anna Maria Horner. These fabrics are light and silky smooth so to complement them, I used a bamboo/silk/cotton blend batting. The result is a butter-soft quilt that is super light, great for summer time! The front has a simple spectrum stripe on a grey-brown background and the back is a fun print so it can be reversible. It is so cuddly soft, I can hardly wait to wrap up in it!

Amber took on a really ambitious project with this quilt. Inspired by a Denyse Schmidt quilt, she cut 1"-2" x 44" strips and randomly pieced them together, then cut those and pieced them together again, and again--the result is super amazing all-over-random-stripe-action! My favorite part is the sailor inspired back and ticking binding--this quilt looks great from both sides. Amber choose to use the thickest cotton batting available so her quilt is massive and dense and will be perfect for cold winter nights with cuddly cats.

So this ends the tale of two quilts. We are quilting crazy over here and have more in the works, keep your eyes out for the next batch!

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Michie" said...

Just found your blog and shop. How inspiring!