Monday, June 15, 2009

New! French Macaron Needlefelting Kits!

We are so excited to present our brand new, sugary sweet French Macaron needlefelting kits!

Macarons are our new confection obsession. Macarons are the new cupcake.

In celebration of our newest needlefelting kit we had a macaron partie de jardin. After an unsuccessful search for traditional French macarons in Denver we ordered a package of tasty macarons from Luxe Sweets in Austin, Texas. These macarons don't have anything to do with coconut--ours were filled with ganache of rose, orange blossom, lemon, espresso and passion fruit. Très délicieux!

We'd love to eat these decadent treats every day. Does anyone know of a bakery in Denver that makes macarons?

Check the Fancy Tiger Etsy shop for our new macaron kit and all the other Fancy Tiger needle felting kits!


JessicaWarren said...

Make your own!!! Then you could make whatever kind you want!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't remember where I had these before, but a quick Google search refreshed my memory. Ship's Tavern at the Brown Palace Hotel used to serve them for dessert. It's been awhile since I was there, but I bet they still have them.

Ellen Daehnick said...

No bakeries making macarons in Denver that I know of...yet...but Restaurant Kevin Taylor sometimes brings little tiny Barbie-sized ones with the check.

Wink said...

I've heard tell that The Market in Larimer Square sells macarons, but I've not verified this. I should put it on this week's list of Things To Do!

Of note: The coconut cookies you refer to are macaroons, not macarons. Similar spelling, but different treats. And they would be an entirely less adorable needlefelting kit. :)