Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Do you like Angora Goats? We do!

We think these cuties are the cutest things we've ever seen. They produce some of the softest, most lustrous and silky fiber around. We just received a shipment of 100% kid mohair yarn from Wagtail Yarns, a small farm in Queensland, Australia. They raise, shear, spin and dye all their mohair - from little curly guys like this. Do you know why they call their farm "Wagtail"? Have you ever seen an angora goat that is happy to see you? They wag their tail like a happy puppy. Omg, we want to live on their farm!

You might want to come by and see this stuff in person. It's irresistible! We also have some fantastic one skein patterns for it.

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marcijoy said...

It's like love at first sight! I'm going to have to come in and take a look....