Thursday, December 07, 2006

Oh man. Craft night has been sooo crowded the last two weeks and i haven't taken any photos. I know, lame. So here are some verbal photos of some of the awesome projects going on. Projects are finally being finished for the holidays including some amazing handspun two-ply yarn that was completed and an adorable snake scarf that was also finished. H. finished the cutest knitted rose brooch for her grandmother as well as the scarf she has been working on for her mom. M. , K and i started our wristwarmers on double pointed needles that made us feel like beginner knitters again, but are coming along nicely. J. made the cutest needlepoint wristcuff that is a prototype for a class we will offer in February. A and E were working on adorable crocheted mushrooms that we are all dying to see finished! So that i don't completely bore you, i've enclosed pictures of some of my current projects including an owl pillow and the bike i'm working on as i type.

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