Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tatting!! Craft night last night was huge - probably due to the need to make a bijillion holiday gifts! Three other crafters and i set out to learn tatting, an old method of lace making that i'm determined to re-popularize. Tatting is fabulous because you can make adorable little doilies, perfect for applique or jewelry and it only requires an inexpensive shuttle and thread. Thank god L. stopped by to help us as she had some experience. K and i decided it was ridiculus to use tatting thread which is so thin, so we switched over to embroidery floss, which was easier and more colorful. These pictures will help get you amped up for tatting!! Other awesome craft night crafts included felt bird ornaments, embroidered onesies and lots of knitting!!

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Claudia said...

Looking forward to Fancy Tiger's adventures through your new blog!