Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fancy Report: The Makerie 2012

Jaime and I spent the weekend at The Makerie, and what a lovely weekend it was! The Makerie is an annual creative retreat in Boulder and we were thrilled to participate again this year.

We set up shop with our mini Fancy Tiger Pop-Up store again this year. We got to stay in our cute little cabin/store in Chautauqua for the weekend, which meant there was plenty of time for chatting over a glass of wine on the front porch with our dear customers and new Makerie friends. How much more quaint can ya' get?

photo by Teryn Wilkes

photo by Teryn Wilkes

Jaime and I both took classes from some of the many fabulous instructors who were at the retreat. If only we could have taken all the classes!

We both wanted to brush up on our crochet skills and couldn't resist Jenny Doh's Crochetologie class. Jenny is a master of all thing crafty--especially crafting the cutest packages of crochet supplies for all her students!

We crocheted a rock cozy, made a dainty flower chain necklace embellished with vintage buttons and upcycled old textiles into a coaster set. Do you recognize my old Anna Maria Horner voile curtains in their new life as a trivet and coasters? Jenny is a super sweet lady and so inspiring.

I also took Marisa of Creative Thursday's Painting With Stitches class. We embroidered and painted and then embroidered some more as we each embellished one of Marisa's adorable drawings. It was amazing combining these two different creative techniques.

I then decided to go for it freestyle on some linen fabric. Inspired by an old pinwheel quilt hanging in the Chautauqua Community Hall, I painted a geometric pattern and then satin stitched a few of the triangles. Thanks Marisa, for opening up my crafty little eyes--turns out I love painting with stitches!

Jaime also took one of Marisa's classes--Creative Character. Marisa shared her softie-making skills in this epic creature crafting class.

Jaime and her Fox & Marisa and her many Rick Rack Rabbits

Jaime was on a mission to make an adorable fox doll that, as she said, "looks like a fox"...

Creative characters being created.

...and I think she succeeded splendidly! Her fox might be the cutest thing ever! To be honest, I can't look at it too long, because it's just so amazing that I want to eat it.

We enjoyed lots of porch time after class, sharing the company of many lovely folks, including amazing designer, Liesl Gibson. (Liesl likes Jaime's fox, too.)

Jaime, Liesl and Amber

We had oh-so-much fun at the Makerie this year, and we can't wait till next year!
photo by Teryn Wilkes


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