Monday, December 07, 2009

Crafty Gift Guide: For the Crafty Knitter!

Welcome to the Fancy Tiger Crafts Holiday Gift Guide! It's time to get a little something special for the crafty folks in your life, so all week we will feature some of our favorite things--some of the coveted craft supplies in the store that we dream about every day.

Today is all about the knitters!

Fancy Tiger Project Bags are great for the knitter on the go. Made from some of the cute fabrics that we carry on the sewing side of the store, they are ready to keep a work in progress tidy and portable. Clip it to a belt loop and a very coordinated knitter can even work on their project while on their morning walk. Just make sure to look both ways before crossing the street.

Fancy Tiger Wool Wash is made in small batches right here in Denver by our favorite herbalist, Tonja Reichley of Moondance Botanicals. Our wool wash is made with all natural ingredients and essential oils and is gentle enough for the most delicate handknits. Fancy Blend is sweet and floral, with essential oils of lavender, sweet orange and tea tree. Tiger Blend is spicy and citrusy, with essential oils of coriander, ylang ylang, amyris and lemon.

Letterpress gift tags with sheep and yarn are an adorable addition to your gift!

The Addi Clicks interchangeable needle set is perhaps the knitter's most wanted item in the store. Smooth and reliable joins, flexible cords and the classic sleek Addi Turbo needles make this the hottest interchangeable set around.

Made exclusively for Fancy Tiger Crafts, these hand forged copper penannulars are made from reclaimed copper wire. It makes a simple and beautiful pin for a hand knit shawl. The penannular, also known as a cloak pin or kilt pin, is one of history's oldest fastening devices!

Wagtail Mohair is one of our most special yarns. The mohair comes from a single herd of angora goats on a family-run farm in Queensland, Australia. The mohair is sheared, washed, dyed, and spun into the most lustrous yarn we've ever seen by Kevin, Betty and Gaylene.

Check back soon for more gift ideas!

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