Saturday, November 21, 2009

Amber is Totally Handcrafted!

I came in to work today totally handcrafted from head to knee!

Handknit sweater? Check.
A-line skirt? Check.

I made my sweater from one of my favorite yarns, Peace Fleece Worsted Tweed, in the color Grass Roots. My a-line skirt is a Japanese print of scary/cute toys.

You, too, can sport this ├╝ber-crafty look with our My Favorite Sweater class and A-line Skirt class!


mamafox said...

Sweet! Love the fabric you used for the skirt.

Leslie said...


fancytiger said...


Rachel Carlson said...

i was in that day, amber looked fantastic! cheers to you amber.

Dawn said...

What pattern did you use for that sweater? It is gorgeous. I want to add that to my must knit list. I like it in the yarn you used to!