Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Better Know A Crafter: Cade

Cade just finished sewing the most awesome woodgrain oilcloth messenger bag. It is the woodgrainiest and we love it!


1) What makes you want to be crafty?

I rework old vintage jewelry into new cool pieces. I figure I have to dress the part of someone who loves things you cannot just have to make it.

2) Tell us about your sweet bag.
I have had the idea for a wood grain oilcloth bag for a while. I used oil cloth for protection against weather and a similar wood grain print for the lining. The strap is a karate belt and I found the patch in an old dresser. I didn't use much of a pattern.

3) How did you learn to sew?
I taught myself to sew when I was a kid. I always liked making costumes, so it was a process of trial and error. There are still a lot of errors.

4) What is your favorite animal?
Elephants and owls.

Thanks Cade! Happy crafting!

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