Friday, September 18, 2009

Better Know a Craft Nerd: Jaime and Her Invisibility Cloak

I finally finished my elven invisibility cloak! Every time I put it on I am magically transported to Middle Earth with my hobbit friends.

What makes a lace shawl an elven invisibility cloak? Gotland! Gotland sheep are the lustrous sheep originally from Sweden whose wool is exclusively used to make the Elven invisibility cloaks featured in the Lord of the Rings films.

I purchased my Gotland yarn at the Estes Park Wool festival from the breeders of the first Gotland herd in the United States. The pattern I used is the Ishbel lace shawl pattern by Ysolda Teague and it turned out great! Now I too, can possess the magic power of the Elves!


Vital, Crystal said...

Congrats! It looks awesome! (and we at Vital love the pic with you and your hobbit pals)

becky's buttons said...

Glad to hear you finished it, too bad you don't show up in the photo (invisibility and all)...