Monday, July 06, 2009

New! The Outdoorsy Type!

After many requests and much anticipation, we are proud to bring this long awaited fabric into the shop. Let me introduce you to The Outdoorsy Type. When you need a fabric to keep you warm at night, The Outdoorsy Type knows how to start a campfire. (You might need to click on the picture below to see all the outdoorsy action.)

Perhaps you need some new bedroom curtains, a kitchen apron or a canteen cozy - whatever it is, The Outdoorsy Type just may be the fabric you've been looking for.

This fabric is selling quick! Come by and see us soon if you need some for your very own!


Anonymous said...

Jaime, you're grounded! Mom

Sara said...

I LOVE it!

Pink said...

Hmmm, can I buy one of the models? And cloth him in this fabric, but not very much fabric... ^.^