Saturday, July 18, 2009

3 Years of Crafting Awesomeness!

Our 3 year anniversary party was a success! Thanks everyone who came out for the celebration! We had delicious treats from Gaia, herb infused wine, and free gifts for all thanks to our wonderful vendors.

We were super excited that everyone came out wearing their handmade outfits - here are some of the inspiring projects people were sporting:

Thanks Denver for 3 awesome years! xo - jaime and amber


Jodi said...

That last skirt is awesome!!!

Ben said...

I really like that first skirt a LOT, I think it's the best!!! :D

LuJean said...

These are all so nice looking.
They look so professional.

fancytiger said...

I know! Our crafty customers are amazing--we love them all!