Monday, May 11, 2009

New! Sashiko Japanese Embroidery Supplies!

We are loving sashiko. This Japanese style of embroidery is simple and sleek with it's geometric patterns and architectural faceted look. We are now carrying many designs of the printed cloth patterns ready for stitching, tons of colors of the sashiko embroider floss, and several kits that include all you need to get started with this sweet craft.

And if you are not ready to tackle learning sashiko on your own, check out our Sashiko Pillow class.


Anonymous said...

While Christmas shopping for my sis, mom and niece, I picked up one of the Sashiko patterns for myself. The gals at Fancy Tiger were very helpful and I have been spending a relaxing evening working on my pillow and listening to spaced-out music. This is very meditative and relaxing. Recommended. Plus Sashiko means "little stabs", so that is cool. Cheers!

Jessica Major said...

Oh man! This came across my Pinterest because I've been getting interested in Sashiko lately. I was so pleasantly surprised to have it link out to Fancy Tiger :) Next time I am in Denver I'll have to stop by and pick up some supplies!