Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Handspun Yak Yarn & Fiber from Rocking Yak!

Handspun yak yarn is here! This super special yarn is made on the Tibetan plateau, using traditional Tibetan spinning methods.

photo by Dennis Jarvis

The yak fiber is first gathered as the yaks shed their downy undercoat in the summer. Once the fiber is cleaned, it is spun and plied on handmade support spindles by local spinners.

By giving the spinners a way to work from home and stay in the villages, Rocking Yak empowers families to live a more traditional lifestyle. Often, members of rural families must go to the city to look for work. This beautiful yarn brings economic value to the Tibetan skills of rearing yak and spinning wool and helps to alleviate poverty in rural villages, allowing families a better income.

Some of the yarns are naturally dyed using plants that are gathered locally on the plateau.

Here are some of the lovely ladies who make this pretty yarn!

If you are inspired to spin some 100% yak down yourself--it is now available in our spinning section! It's unbelievably soft, sproingy and super warm. It's pretty dreamy!


Jeanne Lois said...

I want to touch it!!

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