Tuesday, February 07, 2012

New! Cestari Yarns from Mr. Francis Chester!

Francis Chester stole our little hearts at TNNA this year. His love of animals and farming began when he was ten years old and started his own farming business in Long Island. Now 60 years later he is living his dream in Virginia with his own fiber mill and flocks of Merino, Columbia and Taghee sheep. He even wrote a book about it!

We love Cestari's 100% US raised, milled and dyed yarns and picked up his woolen spun worsted weight yarn. Here is a little educational video about the farm and their mill.

Francis Chester and the ladies of Fancy Tiger

Woolen spun is a process that creates a squishy, lofty yarn. The fibers go every which way, making it an extra sproingy yarn that is super insulating and can be used for a range of gauge. We love it!


Amanda said...

This yarn looks amazing. Sort of reminds me of Imperial Stock Ranch Columbia yarn - how does it compare?

Fancy Tiger Crafts said...

Hi Amanda,

It is indeed comparable to Imperial Stock Ranch's 2-Ply Mulespun yarn. In fact, they complement each other nicely. Come down to the store and have a squish-off soon!