Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Better Know A Crafter: Amanda Parkhurst-Strout

Amanda recently joined us for our most recent Lost Crafts series installment, Naalbinding. This ancient Nordic craft is a method of making yarn into a warm, woolly fabric. It was the craft of the Vikings and pre-dates both knitting and crochet! Amanda is helping to keep this lost craft alive in a big way. She went home after being introduced to basic naalbinding and came back the following week with a hat she had made by figuring our how to do shaping on her own! We are pretty impressed with her craft prowess.

Amanda Parkhurst-Strout

Tell us about yourself and what makes you craft.
I enjoy quilting, embroidery and just recently started naalbinding. I love the texture of materials working with my hands and seeing an image in my head come to fruition.

How did you create your naalbinded hat?
This is my first hat ever--made from naalbinding. I just used the techniques I learned in class and my head as a pattern. I used Malabrigo worsted wool, which is a single ply, and a naalbinding needle.

I learned the craft in October at Fancy Tiger Crafts from Emily, who was fabulous and super patient with all my questions!

What is your favorite animal?
Butterflies and pigs.

Thanks Amanda! Happy naalbinding!

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Cythia Sans said...

Amanda is an awesome crafter and a pretty good teacher too!! I was very excited when she learned Naalbinding - I had read about it I always wanted to learn but didn't have anyone to teach me until she very patiently did (twice now LOL) She is very talented and an wonderful woman!