Thursday, September 01, 2011

Better Know A Crafter: Valerie Sutton

Valerie is working on the cutest handmade wardrobe ever! She keeps coming into the shop and blowing us away with her crafty style. Recently she caught our eye in an adorable Anna Maria Horner Socialite Dress, which you may have seen when we shared it on our facebook page. Her newest creation is this organic cotton bicycle blouse. Valerie has not been sewing very long, but she is already seriously inspiring us.

Valerie Sutton

Tell us about what makes you crafty.
I'm an engineer by day and a sewist by night! I love to craft really unique things. Mostly I sew my own clothing and I also make jewelry.

Tell us about your bicycle blouse.
I made the Sencha blouse from Collete Patterns in a Birch Organics quilting fabric. It looks especially cute with a belt!

When did you learn to sew?
I took my first sewing class in June this summer! I learned right here at Fancy Tiger Crafts.

What is your favorite animal?
My 90 lb husky/lab, Sammie.

Thanks Valerie! Happy sewing!

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Lani Robertson said...

so cute...i love it! :)