Monday, July 04, 2011

The Schacht Sidekick is Here!

Is it possible to fall in love with a spinning wheel? It sure feels like it when gazing upon the new Sidekick...

We just giddily unpacked the newest wheel from Schacht Spindle Company, our very favorite local spinning wheel crafters! This little spinning wheel is light and compact enough to sling over your shoulder and take on a stroll down to the park--which is just what I did to try it out for myself.

The Sidekick goes from a tidy little package to a super functional spinning wheel in seconds, with the use of quick releases just like you might find on your bicycle wheel.

Check out how sweet this is...

You just (1) unscrew and flip down the treadles, sliding and locking them into place with a quick release knob. Then (2) you attach the footmen to the treadles. (3) Open and raise the front and rear maidens by using the quick releases and (4) place the flyer (with bobbin and whorl) into the maidens. Close down your quick releases and you are ready for spinning!

Spinning on it is dreamy!

Some additional reasons we love the new Sidekick:
  • All the parts are thoughtfully stored on it so there are no important pieces on the loose. (The two whorls are screwed onto the side of the wheel for safe keeping and the flyer attaches to the bottom of a treadle when it is folded away.) 
  • The drive wheel runs parallel to the treadle for super compact-ness. 
  • Spinning on it is so smooth and quiet. 
  • It's just so danged tiny and cute! 

A whorl in it's place  | One of the Sidekick's quick releases

Can you tell I've fallen hard for this little guy?


Frank said...

So awesome!! I love that you just walked down to Daley Park too!! I wish I could get my act together and get spinning!

Anonymous said...

I love your shirt - what's the pattern?

a frog named purl said...

love it! i have to have one!

suzan said...

so cute. i must try it out.