Thursday, August 26, 2010

Joel Dewberry Quilt Craziness!

When Joel Dewberry released his Modern Meadow fabric collection we all fell instantly in love with it. Several of us made quilts out of it and we are soo excited, we had to share!

I used one of the jelly rolls which is a collection of pre-cut fabric strips that are 2 1/2" wide by 44" long. Having the fabric pre-cut made this quilt a breeze and I finished it in one weekend. One jelly roll was enough to make a throw size quilt so I am all ready to cuddle up on cold nights. This throw uses all the fabrics in the Modern Meadow collection and I love it!

Jess made her first quilt also using a jelly roll. Her quilt is another example of the countless ways that the jelly roll can be cut up and pieced together. Jess was super excited about finishing her very first quilt and couldn't resist rolling around with it!

Cat also made a Joel Dewberry quilt, but she pieced the fabrics herself rather than using a pre-cut bundle. Cat's beautiful quilt is a larger size for her bed and it is her first large-scale quilt. We are totally impressed she did her own machine quilting on such a big quilt. We especially love the single log cabin square that she placed in one corner. Nice work, Cat!

Modern Meadow makes us happy - thanks Joel Dewberry!


Alicya said...

Super cute ladies! I want to learn how to quilt!

Logan|Lexy said...

Oh my gosh! I love all three! I bought the jelly roll a few weeks ago and haven't gotten around to working with it yet. I am so glad I didn't, because now I have some ideas!

Thanks for the cuteness!

Maggie said...

yay for quilting!!!

good job!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any instructions for the quilt that has 3 rows of 10 strips? I am new to quilting but want to give it a try. I like them all but the one on the left (photo of all three quilts) is the one I would like to try ASAP. Thanks

Steph said...

Beautiful!!!! I would love to know (in more detail) how the first quilt was made. Like how long each strip is. If you can, could you email me?

Thanks so much!!! :)

Sharalee said...

I am new to quilting and bought a moda jelly roll yesterday to try and make this quilt. I just realized what I thought I needed to do and what I actually need to do are not the same. Can you tell me what your dimensions are for the quilt? It looks like you have 9.5 rows on the corner sections and 10 pieces on the others but I a jelly roll will only do 80 rows not 90. I would be willing to buy the pattern if you don't want to just share. Thank you. Email:

Anonymous said...

I would like to make this also but need it for a kingsize bed- do you have instictions for that thank you

Anonymous said...

If you want to hear from a really great Quilter who gives wonderful tips and advice check out

EverythingscomingupRosie said...

Hi: I just saw Jess's quilt both on Pinterest and on your website, and loved it. It inspired me to try my hand at this quilt. I also write a blog and just posted my beginnings in making this quilt. As well, I also put a screen shot of your friend's quilt on my blog, citing your website. I hope that is Ok with you. You can visit my blog at: (Quilt for 2015)
All the best,


Lindy said...

I just found an intact jelly roll at my favorite second hand store! $5! Can't wait. I found your site while looking at ideas and I'm really excited by the one where the artist took her roll, sewed them all length-wise and made triangles. Excellent work!