Thursday, July 08, 2010

Better Know A Crafter: Debbie and Annalese Davis

Mother and daughter crafting team Debbie and Annalese have been picking out fabrics for a while to make a blanket for Annalese to take with her to college. They stopped in with Annalese's new patchwork duvet cover. We love how soft it is filled with a down comforter and how they used a mix of colorful buttons as the closure!

Debbie and Annalese Davis

Tell us about what makes you crafty.
D: I work at a school. I love to put different fabrics together and see how they turn out. I'm always thinking about sewing and different materials.
A: I'm a student and I knit during my free time at school. When I'm at home I help my mom pick out materials for new projects.

Tell us about your project.
D: It's a duvet cover made out of cotton fabrics from Fancy Tiger.
A: The duvet cover was made for my college dorm bed. We used materials and buttons we found at Fancy Tiger.

How did you learn to be so crafty?

D: I am self taught. I love to read patterns
A: I have been taught mainly by my mother and partially in Home EC class.

What is your favorite animal?
D: Horses and Parrots

Thanks Debbie and Annalese! Happy crafting!

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emily said...

oh i'm sorry i didn't get to see it live and in person, i remember you guys picking some of those fabrics out. daaaang, super cute!