Thursday, April 08, 2010

Better Know A Crafter: Keith Parker

Keith came into the shop and purchased some laminated fabric (in a fantastic Oz print by Sanae) to reupholster his garden chairs. Less that three hours later he was back with his fancy new updated garden chairs! We love it!

Keith Parker

What kinds of crafty things do you like to do?
I mainly just fix things. I think it makes things look better and more personal. I do most anything that involves power tools.

Tell us about this project.
I reupholstered some garden chairs. It was easy--I just used plywood, foam and some material from Fancy Tiger, a skill saw, scissors and a big stapler.

How did you learn your crafty skills?
My parents mostly, and some DIY books.

Thanks Keith! Be careful with those power tools and happy crafting!

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Anonymous said...

cuuuuute! ah and the chairs also look great.